Rathalos(S1 Ep9)

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Rathalos(S1 Ep9)

Riker awoke with no idea how long she had been asleep. She staggered to the door and, using the newfound key, opened it to find what looked like an obelisk. She touched it and found herself in what looked like a indoor swamp, occupied solely by one large frog. She had a feeling that that frog enjoyed its alone time, because (of course) as luck would have it, it attacked. With her bow, she fired rapidly for what seemed to be hours. And then she was hit. It pulled her in, squeezing the life out of her. Slowly she felt herself slipping away... she pulled out her sword and cut the tongue, causing the frog to let go. It was mad now. Lying on the floor, unarmed and helpless, the frog loomed over her. Before she blacked out, she saw the frog step on her sword and fall dead.

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