The legend of Ellanora

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The legend of Ellanora

(A prequel to Rathalos)

Ella woke up in a small cot, surrounded by strangers. “She’s awake!” She heard servers whisper. She then realized she was in a hospital, covered in bandages. (Ella, not the hospital) she sat up and winced. Why did she hurt so bad? “Are you ok?” One of the strangers asked. “I... who are you?” She said weakly. “Who am I?” The man chuckled. “You’re just as funny as ever.” “I wasn’t joking. Should I know you?” Ella said, confused. “Wow. You really forgot? At least tell me you remember what the heck happened to you because you’re pretty banged up.” “I don’t... remember...” realization dawned in Ella’s eyes. “Anything.” “Well that’s just great.” Another stranger said, mumbling something. “Nory, I honestly can’t believe you, of all people, has amnesia.” “Who... who’s Nory?” Ella was even more confused now. “Oh my gosh.” The other stranger said. “She forgot her frickin name.”

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