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Inevitability (Ep2) - tragedy

First Ep in the snail section

He ran so fast that his para couldn't keep up. "STAY WHERE YOU ARE! I'M COMING!" he shouted.

In a moment, he was home. It was too dark to see, so he grabbed a torch.

The light of the torch illuminated the murky water, and as he walked he noticed a sudden silence. Not even beezobufos were making a sound.

Then, he heard a groan. What he saw next scarred him for the rest of his life.

His friend began screaming again, only this time weakly.

There was a sarco biting her down the middle, and she wrestled.

There was a bone crunching snap, and even as Eden shot arrows, the sarco ripped off a leg.

The pain must have been agonizing.

Regret soon crawled its way into Eden, even though he knew it for the best, as he let an arrow out and into his friend.

Eden looked away, as it dragged his friend's remains into the water, a single bubble rose up and popped, as if symbolizing the last remnants of his friend to be gone.

He turned, his face streaming with tears, to see his tames, his beloved friends, to be dead as well.

Him and his para were the only things alive.

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