The Allo Tooth Necklace

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The Allo Tooth Necklace

Part six

“We keep them here to train our troops. We have an arena where we release the dinosaur. About three or four people come in, and they try to knock it out with just crossbows. If they knock out the beast, they get to keep the crossbows and tame the Dino. We also have rexes, spinos, and even a giga.” Said the guard. “When is the next tournament?” Asked Tom. “Tomorrow, actually.” The guard responded. “Where do you apply?” “Wait, YOU want to apply? No offense but, you kind of just arrived on the island.” “I know, I just think a pet creature would be useful, plus I can have Bruce help. I need someone else to help though.” “You know, I always wanted to try a battle. My name is Josh, by the way.” Said the guard. “My name’s Bruce. So where do we apply for the arena fight?” “There’s a stand near the arena, I’ll take you there.” “Ok, but first let’s go find Tom. He’s pretty good with a crossbow, he saved my life with one once.” Said Tom.

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