The Allo Tooth Necklace

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The Allo Tooth Necklace

Part 2

Tom got to work immediately, collecting wood and thatch. Then he started construction. He worked on his home, and even made a spear and torch. By the time he was finished, it was almost nighttime. He walked into his little hut. It wasn’t much but hey, it was home. He started to feel parched. He walked out of his hut and over to the lake, torch in left hand and spear in right. He bent down to take a sip, but then suddenly he felt something piercing his arm. He looked to his right arm and saw a large lizard biting into it. It looked like the creatures he saw before, but bigger. He took his torch and smashed it in the head, it let go, but then knocked Tom over. Tom took his spear and stabbed it in the side. It bit Tom in his already injured arm, and the pain turned into agonizing pain. Falling backwards, Tom cried out for help. It was about to finish him when an arrow flew and hit the lizard in the head, killing it. “Who goes there?”

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