The Allo Tooth Necklace

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The Allo Tooth Necklace

Chapter 1

Tom looked up, the sun was shining bright in his eyes. He was lying on the beach, in his underwear. He looked at his wrist, and saw... something. He wasn’t quite sure what it was. Maybe some sort of crystal? No, it looked like it was metal. There was a bright light in the center of it. He immediately tried to take it out, but it didn’t come out. He looked around, and saw some sort of lizard. But it was walking on two legs? He went over to investigate it, but then four more popped out of the bushes. They started hissing violently. He ran, and ran, and ran. He eventually came to a lake, with large seagull-looking birds swimming around in it. He decided this is where he would make a house, this is where he was going to survive.

Part two coming soon!

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