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So in the omega timeline your characters are like clones or doubles of your normal characters, so no they can’t get back to your story and the original versions of your characters from your story don’t remember the omega timeline because they weren’t really actually there, it’s kind of like multiversal doppelgängers of your characters (if you know what I mean) so ya they can have the abilities and everything of the normal characters and there can also be a location from your story in the merged land, you mentioned a castle. And as for when you write it’s kinda like a relay race where we go in an order of who joined first so Ben, Sunnyfox, me, primalapex, Mrghostgamer, you. and so on. Idk why Ben says you’ll write 7.5 so he will write 13.. I’ll ask because I don’t know why he doesn’t just write 14. And also he won’t land on 13 anyway Mrghost will..

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