Crossover counsel, since chapter 3 gave a jump of point…

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Crossover counsel, since chapter 3 gave a jump of point for me and Sunny both I’ll probably post tonight because I’ve already thought up the plot. Also I have a few questions, (I really do need to read everyone’s stories so I don’t have to ask these things..) so first off you said Aurora went to find the kitchen, but does that mean she just won’t meet my characters at the same time Samuel does or should I leave her out of the entire chapter? Also am I ok with having everyone meet in my chapter or no? Because My chapter won’t be very long at all if it’s just them meeting Samuel, Star, and Aurora. Also if I can have everyone meet and just hang out then I kinda need to know which of the characters can cook, because Sheeri will definitely want to cook something. Also I have an idea for the major size difference of larger characters like wyverns compared to humans, because if they are their usual size everything in the mansion will either be too big or too small, so what if the mansion like magically makes larger characters smaller, so they’ll just be basically human sized.


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