Really glad you guys are liking the story, it means a lot.

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Really glad you guys are liking the story, it means a lot. And yes, Caesar can hear the human because of the implants universal translator. Also I’m glad the fight scenes are ok I can never tell if they are good, they always seem really short and cringy to me wile I write them, it’s kinda hard to think of ways the characters can win a fight against someone so over powered, the Queen Frozt one was easier because there were more people in play but I still think Nash vs the prince was meh.. I’m really excited to finally get to the good part, Salizars plan being revealed and what not, I’ve had his plan.. uh.. planned.. for so long it’s hard to think you guys don’t know yet 😂 and seriously what is with my unintended rip off ruler characters.. I seriously thought of the dinopithicus king and the ferox Queen before the movies released, before I even knew there was a king fu panda 4 but the dinopithicus kingdom seems so similar to the kongs from Mario, and (idk for sure but based on trailers) Queen Frozt seems incredibly close to the chameleon! I swear this is completely unintentional 😐😆


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