Sylveevee, I have the exact same opinions on the animated…

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Sylveevee, I have the exact same opinions on the animated series, the Helena backflashes are all pointless.. and not just the ones about her wife.. it just seems like a weird way to explain her character, her mom was a protester she has a wife for some reason and she’s got major anxiety. Done that’s it.. she could’ve just talked to other characters to explain that and then we could’ve gotten more backstory on them too.. and they made Rockwell way to insane he certainly had narcissistic tendencies and was ok with indirectly killing people in the pursuit of science but Helena wasn’t supposed to know that.. how will he get to aberration if he doesn’t go with Helena.. or are they giving him a redemption arc? Because that would also cause problems for aberration.. I’m very confused… but all in all the show is pretty good as far as adaptations go, not the best not the worst, I slso dislike how they made the insects small, the megalodon being bigger is ok because that’s more realistic but arthropluras where ginormous irl, why would they shrink them to handheld size?! at least some oreaneos are big…

Apex, yea it says “twice the size of the island” idk how big it was before but if it was already larger then there’s no expansion at all, and I’m also confused on the Shasta being back… like it makes sense, they swapped it and the gigantoraptor in the first place because they couldn’t finish the Shasta in time but now with the map being delayed they can add it again, but what does that mean for the gigantoraptor? They can’t really just take away the temporary mod as it would despawn everyone’s gigantoraptors but if it’s back on rag then are we gonna have to wait a half a year+ for it to have a real home? I don’t think it’s still coming to the center because they would’ve said “coming with the shastasaurus and the gigantoraptor” you’d think.. super confused. I’d be great if the gigantoraptor came to the center with the Shasta and we got the rag vote runner up but I think that was the dreadnoughtus right? Or was it Meavia? I know Meavia was top 3 and dread got in so…. PLEASE GIVE ME DA SPIDA!

They probably wont though 😢


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