hey reader glad to see you around 😀

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hey reader glad to see you around 😀

Everyone, idk when the next chapter will be out daylight savings threw me off.. a cliff… and it’s gonna be a busy week I think so it could be a bit and this also means I haven’t read anymore of anyones stories.. I think I’m to chapter 5-7 of AoH though.

Moon, I know your computer broke but are you ok? I haven’t seen anything from you in a month or so. I might have just not seen them though.

Also any Minecrafters out there, off topic but.. CAN NOT wait for the new wolf upgrades finally they get the treatment cats got years ago, and I can go on and on about what the game needs and how it’s irritating that mojang won’t do them but I won’t. (I did. I cut it out to spare you guys 😂, and cuz this is an ark site.)

-Wyvernain will complain about older Minecraft mob animations forever unless they fix them also the squid’s garbage texture..

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