So about your question Wyvernian.

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So about your question Wyvernian. I am pretty interested in the creature and the new additional DLC’s for the maps are something I kinda wanted for some maps for a long time. I have wanted a few more Fantasy Creatures for Ark and getting this Reefback of a creature is pretty awesome to get!! Of course if it was a Gorgonops I would be much happier. But the creature looks pretty awesome and it definitely a big addition!! For a price of about 10 dollars I would pay for this new DLC pack 100%. Trains and wagons are something I’ve always wanted to see come into Ark since SE first arrived. And to pay for it I don’t see any problems with it. Now about it being PTW seems very hard to comprehend for me since what will most likely happen is that these DLC packs will have their own servers away from the normal servers. Similar to what we see with official mod servers on PC. That way there’s no huge problem with people building trains and riding Oasisaurs and others unable to build or ride them. But that’s what I think will happen. Also I hope we do see two creatures for each map, but it might be we are going to be waiting on the Centers DLC or that it’s only for Story maps.

Also just wanted to mention that I haven’t yet released any of my chapters to Journey yet, I will start when Moon finishes the Obelisk. But in the meantime I am happy that I’m just able to write my story down as much as possible beforehand. I will though be very excited and nervous to showcase my story once I start releasing them!! But anyhow. Until next time!!

P.S, I really like the W.O.A name idea!!


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