The Red Pike

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The Red Pike

Nerva’s Story Part Fifteen

By Red Dragon

Nerva had done it. He had ended the Li bloodline. He finally had killed- “Gah!” He was just disarmed, then stabbed in the shoulder by Tyrana with his pike. He unsheathed his sword and slashed Tyrana’s right arm. They were now both on the deck, with Christopher trying desperately to get Siyu to wake up again. He was the only one still standing up. “You’ll pay for this”, he said. He left both Tyrana and Nerva there, and swam back to shore with Siyu’s body. Nerva was barely still alive. He rolled his head over to the left to see Tyrana, on the deck of the boat, just like him. He rolled his head over to the right. He saw a replica of Goliath that Tyrana had put in the water, probably to lure another big creature over, but she didn’t need that now that the real thing was crushing Nerva’s troops. Suddenly tentacles came out of the water, along with countless other aquatic creatures. The same red tentacles that Nerva remembered from so long ago. It grabbed both Nerva and Tyrana and dragged them both underwater...

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