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The Red Pike

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The Red Pike

Nerva’s Story Part Twelve

By Red Dragon

Nerva got another letter from his Itchyosornis, and read it. It was from his general, General Helgraf. He was a Viking before he came to the Ark. He wrote the letter in Latin, as not many people could read Latin and it was what was used in Rome, Nerva’s home country. It read: “Sir, we finally have convinced Rockwell to join us. He says he will help us, but only because your father and his father were allies.” He rode back to Herbivore Island, as that was where Rockwell was being held. When he saw Rockwell, he wasn’t beaten and in torn clothes like he was when he was captured, he had a hide suit and looked completely respectable. Like a true “English Gentleman”. “Is it true that you have joined the Red Legion?” “Yes, I have.” “Then get this man armor and a Quetzalcoatlus.”, he said to Helgraf.

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