The Red Pike

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The Red Pike

The Wyvern King, chapter 8

So we still had Goliath captured, for more pit fights. The wyverns were all doing well, but something strange happened. A wyvern flew into my throne, with information.

“We have spotted two humans, a kapro, stegosaurus, and strange creature with a plated face and three horns, along with two humans. Do we kill them, or let them come closer. I thought about this for a good few seconds. The humans who had built the castle… this wouldn’t be them, they wouldn’t have such creatures, and if they were here for eggs, wouldn’t they had already gone for them, I thought to myself.

“Let them explore, once seen, bring them to me, and I will deal with them.” I replied. The Wyvern flew off to tell the other wyverns, but I awaited the humans at the meeting room. Nobody ever used the meeting room, but now we could make use of it. I flew to the meeting room, and seconds later three wyverns flew into the meeting room. I noticed the wyverns were electric wyverns, so if the humans decided to try and kill me, they would not survive. The wyverns put the creatures and the humans and the ground, and I looked at them, waiting for them to speak. The humans said a few things, but then they said “we propose an alliance.” (Also, the wyverns are speaking their language, but I’m making it English because I can.)

“Do we accept the offer?” Said on of the wyverns.

“They aren’t apart of the humans that we want dead, I must consider this.” I said. I deeply pondered of what could happen, and how this could benefit us. I finally decided my answer, and I spoke.

“I accept.” I said to the humans. For now, they would probably have to stay here, or maybe somewhere else, but now this means that they can enter this place without being attacked. I hope I made a good decision.

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