Rockwell’s Reign

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Rockwell’s Reign

Chapter 8 (Deathhide’s perspective)

It had been a day since the human attacked us. We decided to go towards Rockwell’s innards, but why? Mutagen grows there and if we are to get stronger and be able to survive while attempting to ignore Rockwell’s control, we would have to get it and become stronger. This could terribly wrong or great, but we had a long journey ahead of us. Just now we had reached a desert, and this was a wyvern desert.

“Careful, I recall this being a wyvern desert.” I said to the human

“I’ve only heard wyverns from stories as a child, but never have I seen one.” She replied. I heard something off in the distance, it was a lightning wyvern. Could this be the one with the king of wyverns? In some places, giant creatures roam freely, but only limited to its biome. Yet, even after death they still come back, as if you had never encountered it.

“There might be a wyvern trench up ahead, I remember visiting this place.” Venom said.

“It shouldn’t be dangerous as long as we aren’t noticed.” Rust replied.

“Are we even in shape to fight off a single wyvern? I think not!” Venom said. This was only going to lead into an argument.

“Enough. We need to keep together. If all of us are here, we can kill a wyvern.” Bone said, ending the potential argument. Up ahead was a wyvern, eating something. It had frills, which meant it was a poison wyvern. The Wyvern finished, flying off.

Eventually, we got out of the desert biome. A volcano lay ahead, this was not a good place to be. Many of the apex predators lived here, ranging from Magmasaurs to rexes.

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