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Episode eight: the hunt (this episode will be from the creatures perspective)

Blood, delicious, tasty blood, in his mouth, staining his teeth. He turned around, smelling the air, it was stale, but there was something... the smell of food. He grinned (well, as much as a horrible, bloodthirsty monster can) and followed the trail of food smell. Then, he found it. A human, walking down the tunnel, hardly enough, but it would do. He snuck up behind it, and punched into it’s back, lifting them up into the air. They tried to scream, but were cut off when he grabbed it’s heart and crushed it. The body fell to the floor, and he fed on it.

Soon, he caught the smell of another human, and when it got to them, ripped them limb from limb, more food. Then more, another human, decapidated and eaten. ‘This is fun’ he thought. He then discovered a new way of hunting, climbing up to the ceiling and crawling along it, pulling up his prey using his tail, and eating them. He decided to test this idea, and discovered it made hunting even easier. He found a target, and lowered his tail down, before stabbing them in the back and lifting them up, then eating them.

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