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Fallen world

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Fallen world

Chapter one

An old and bulky triceratops walked through the rock-spire forest, the wind blowing against his face, carrying dust with it and limiting his vision. He staggered towards a cliff edge and looked down at the wasteland. A huge, barren expanse littered with tall rock spires and a long river cutting between them. The trike’s name was longhorn, and he was a scavenger. Scavengers were dinosaurs that lived in the rock-spire forest, struggling to find food to survive. Scavengers gathered materials from the rock-spire trees and sold them. It was a dangerous business, as the forest was littered with drops and other obstacles, every month at least four dinosaurs would die working. The rock spire forest was a huge area on the Acarb continent, known for its dangerous heat in certain areas. Longhorn carried on walking, dragging a chunk of meat behind him, eventually, he found who he was looking for...


An orange yutyrannus knelt down in front of a rock spire, chiselling away chunks of it using a small tool between his teeth.

“I’ve got some food for you” Longhorn said as he walked up to the Yuty.

“Thanks” he replied, picking up the meat and gulping it down. “This job drives me mental, I have to use my teeth instead of my arms. My arms are too short”

“Hey, at least you’re not in my situation, I’ve got no arms!” Longhorn joked.

“Yeah I guess” then, they were interrupted by a voice.

“Longhorn! Ember Claw, I need to talk to you!”

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