Apex Predator behind the scenes

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Apex Predator behind the scenes

Aidan when he sees the dead dodos: NOOOO!! Dead dodos!

Director(me): they’re fake

Aidan: oh


Aidan when he’s attacked by the red ferociraptor: AAAAAHHHHH IM GOING TO DIE!!

Director: it’s an animatronic

Aidan: oh, still scary


Aidan when John rescues him: wait, is that Arnold Schwarzenegger under all that ghillie?

Director: no, we couldn’t hire him.

Aidan: damn, that suc-


*purple ferociraptor breaks into the house*

Aidan: Ow I just got a splinter!


*ferociraptor kills john*

Aidan: nooooo Arnold, I mean John is dead!

Director: he’s not really dead.

Aidan: good.


*Aidan drags himself out of the river after jumping in*

“Im freezing!”


Aidan after killing the acidosaurs: *licks fake blood off lips*


Aidan: but it’s so tasty

Director: that’s because it’s tomato ketchup.

Aidan: oh so you can afford to make animatronic dinosaurs but when it comes to blood you have to use tomato ketchup!


Aidan when he’s meant to be reading his dossier book: I’m bored


Aidan after killing the ferociraptor: well that was intense! And I’m freezing.


Director: well that was a flipping mess

Aidan: Oi!

Director: well it is, you’re a rubbish actor

Aidan: I’m offended

Director: go work on your skills

Aidan: I only did it badly cause I hate the script

Director: well you need to practice cause we aren’t getting a replacement actor.

Aidan: damn

Now you know all the hard work that went into creating Apex Predator!


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