The Sea Of Element

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The Sea Of Element

Chapter three

Blackness, blood in her mouth, that was all Sarah could feel. She opened her eyes and looked around, she was in a large cave, deep in the element region, she still had her radiation suit on, luckily. She could see John and Sam lying on the floor nearby, unconscious, unaware of the three reapers patrolling the room. There was a loud roar, and another, larger reaper walked in, snarling. The three reapers stood to attention at the sight of the larger one, which snarled at them, as if it were talking. Sarah looked over to Sam and John as the reapers continued ‘talking’. Then, John got out an assault rifle, so he was clearly faking being unconscious, and shot a grenade from it. The grenade hit a stalactite above them, which came loose and fell down, skewering one of the reapers. The others turned to John and screeched angrily.

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