Burning rock

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Burning rock

Chapter nine

“You saved us Sarah” Aidan said, smiling.

“Your welcome, that rock elemental probably would have killed you if I didn’t come in with spark.” She remarked.

“Yeah, we would have died”, Lamakar said

“Anyway, enough chitchat, somethings coming, a storm, a storm that only happens was every six months, and there’s one on the horizon now”, she said, pointing to the horizon, where huge storm clouds were gathering.

“Your right, we need to get out of here, do you know a safe place?” Aidan asked.

“Yes, the gladiator, in the Manticore Town, there’s a hole in the floor that leads to a series of tunnels, used as storm shelters and places of worship by the ancients, those tunnels will protect us.”

“How will we get there in time?” Kalmar asked.

“Simple, my wyvern has enough space on its back for four people, so we can easily get to the Manticore Town in time.” Then the four hopped onto the wyverns back, and flew of into the distance, with the storm closing in fast.

Next story, called The Sea Of Despair, will be in death worm section. Also, thanks Seasnake and all the other fanfictioners for inspiring me and liking my stories, I think you’ll enjoy The Sea Of Despair, it will have an... interesting twist to it.

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