Fallen World

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Fallen World

Chapter five

A raptor leapt at Ember Claw, but he knocked it off the bridge with its tail. He killed another by snapping its neck with his jaws. He quickly killed the rest, including the alpha, and continued. Eventually, he reached the end of a bridge, a huge gap between the two parts, too wide to jump across.

“Stop right there” a voice growled. Ember Claw turned around to see three Shadowclaw allosaurus, each one baring their teeth.

“Get out of here” Ember Claw snarled. One of them charged, but Ember Claw smashed into them, knocking them off the bridge, they fell down, screaming, until it went silent. The other one ran towards him, but he moved out of the way just in time and bit onto its neck until it suffocated and fell to the floor. The alpha charged at him and knocked him backwards off the edge. Ember Claw fell, down, down and down, until he struck the water with a splash.

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