The Final Arks

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The Final Arks

Book 2: Hunting Giants

Chapter 2

The huge temple loomed up in front of them, it was beautiful, made out of red wood and covered in flakes of snow. It resembled an East Asian temple, but with dinosaur skulls mounted on it. There was a ear breaking roar and the huge doors of the temple burst open and a massive creature came out. It had thick, white fur and a bipedal stance, it looked like some kind of yeti, but with huge goat horns.

“What the...” Jack muttered.

“You are kidding me!” Frank shouted as the creature approached them. It growled angrily and pounded its chest with its fists. Jack’s Rex roared at it angrily and slammed into the creature, which pushed it aside furiously. Emily’s allo bit onto its left arm while the Rex bit onto the other. There was a cracking sound as the Rex crushed the creatures right hand. The three fired at the creature with their rifles, doing nothing but angering it. It pushed down the allo and Rex and roared, as it finished, a large group of yetis ran out of the door and stood by its side, the fight had now become much harder...

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