Fallen World

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Fallen World

Chapter four

Ember Claw smashed into the baryonyx, and they wrestled, Ember Claw seemed to have the advantage, and soon he was winning. Then, he got her to the edge, and she fell off. Ember Claw stared down at the baryonyx falling through the air, suddenly, a tapejara appeared and and grabbed her, before dropping her on the back of a large quetz. She stared up at Ember Claw and smiled, before the quetz flew away. He cursed, and turned to the pile of dead bodies.

‘I must avenge them’ he thought to himself as he looked down at Longhorns dead body.


Ember Claw grabbed the raptor and threw it towards a rock spire, killing it. Ember claw had been ambushed by Shadowclaw raptors, and it occurred to him they wouldn’t stop. Eventually he stopped the raptors and ran across the great bridge, a huge bridge between two rock-spires, but met another pack, but then another raptor stepped forward, the alpha...

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