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Episode three: The Egg

“It’s a damn rock, what use could it have?” Kai asked.

“Dunno” Louis replied.

“Then why did you bring it to me?”




“Ok, so go away and leave me to examine it.”

“Alright” Louis walked out of the room, and Kai turned to the rock.

“What secrets could you hold?” Kai asked the egg as he got out a chisel and began to scrape small chunks off of the rock. Eventually, after a lot of chiselling, Kai revealed what was hidden inside the rock.

“What the hell... it’s, an egg!” He exclaimed, lifting up the egg holding it close to his face to examine it. The egg was a shimmering purple, and fully found, not like a dinosaur egg. Kai moved the egg over to an examination table, and began drill into it with a small, precise drill. He eventually broke through the shell, leaving a tiny hole. Kai picked up a long, thin needle, and slowly lowered it through the hole, into the egg, and into the embryo. He smiled as he extracted blood from it and put it under a microscope.

“Incredible!” He exclaimed as he observed the cells.

“KAI!! What the hell are you doing!?” Shouted a voice from outside.

“Damn it!” He shouted, and turned to the door.

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