Of Kin

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Of Kin

Act III: Griffin

Chapter 19

Kald, Riot, Goldie, and Mingzhi spent most of the day discussing plans about how to handle Infernal Kin. By the time they finished, the sun had nearly sunk completly. "You're all welcome to stay the night!" Goldie said, "In fact, it's in your best interest that you do. The griffins get very restless in the dark. We don't go near them at night."

The argents formed a circle on top of the mountain, talking and eating with each other. Silvermane sat next to Goldie. "Hey," he said, nudging her wing. "How'd you do that?"

Goldie tilted her head, "Do what?"

"That dive bomb, I thought only griffins could do that."

Goldie smiled, "We learned from watching them. Really, anything with wings can do it, you just have to be very precise and VERY cautious. One misstep and you could shatter every bone in your body, if you don't die immediatly." She laughed.

Silvermane didn't think it was very funny.

"So what are you doin here?" she asked. "Riot and Kald are commanders, they had to come. What about you?"

Silvermane thought of his response to Kald. "I'm doing this because it's what someone else would do."

"Someone... specific?"

"Her name's Corvi."

Goldie gave a mischevious smile, "Oh, so you're doing this to impress a girl? Adorable!"

"She's more like my mom," Silvermane mumbled.

Goldie collapsed in laughter, "Even more adorable!" She pulled herself together. "Hey, there's nothing I wouldn't have done to impress my parents. She'd be peoud if she were still with us."

"... she's not dead."

"Oh! Then, why isn't she here?"

"She's in a coma. A rex stepped on her."

Goldie shut her mouth. She'd obviously never heard that one before.

[It's not everyday you get to talk to someone who's mom got crushed by a giant lizard. Count you're blessings, kids!]


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