Procoptodon Chronicles (Ch 12)

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Procoptodon Chronicles (Ch 12)

Roody couldn't hide her excitement. Was Redwing back? Had the human revived him? The Argy landed on the beach and Roody's joy faded. This wasn't Redwing. The new Argent was a much younger and much colder bird. While Redwing wasn't the greatest at being social, he at least attempted to be friendly. Corvi had no intrest in such things. She was a sleek, black bird who was vicious and took everything seriously. Any attempt to greet her was met with a glare. One night Red made the mistake of trying to curl around the sleeping Argy's leg and was immediatly crushed. Roody had just kicked the bird off of her small friend when the human arrived and immediatly broke up the squabble. After treating Red's injuries, the human moved Corvi to the Aviary pen with Tango and the Peligornis.

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