Procoptodon Chronicles (Ch 9)

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Procoptodon Chronicles (Ch 9)

The canine wore a light coat and a serious face. On its back was the human and on her back was Red. Both the survivor and the otter held a look of defeat on their faces. The human slid off of the wolf's back and led it to the carnivore pen. Red jumped from the humans shoulders, crawled up Roody's back and curled around the procoptodon's ears. They sat in silence until Roody couldn't hold her tounge any longer. "Where's Redwing?" She blurted. Red said nothing, but Roody could feel the tiny otter's tears running through her fur. The human walked out of the pen and gloomily set something on the smithy table. Roody hopped closer to investigate, and there sat the evidence of what she had feared: a bloody Argentavis saddle.

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