Roody the Great (Ch 4)

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Roody the Great (Ch 4)

Roody spent the next few days collecting berries, which was mainly what the human used her for, to her disappointment. She wanted to go and explore like she did when she was free. As if the human could read her mind, the next week, the human climbed on Roody's back (after 3 failed attempts and a few bites from Roody) and set off on an adventure. While Roody was happy to be seeing the world again, she was somewhat discouraged by the way the human ran her towards cliffs and pulled up on her ears so she would jump off. Every now and then the survivor would yell things like, "Yee-haw!" and, "Throw another shrimp on the barbie!" which Roody never understood. After seeing the swamps and the mountains and even the redwoods again, they headed home.

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