Procoptodon Chronicles (Ch 15)

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Procoptodon Chronicles (Ch 15)

The thylacoleo that had pounced on the human snapped at her neck. The human swung her sword but failed to hit her attacker and the blade slipped from her hand. Roody rushed to help the human, but was tackled to the ground. She lifted her head to see a troop of terror birds leering over her. Red squeaked frantically and hid in Roody's pouch as the procoptodon tried to fend off the attackers. She kicked one in the face and scrambled to her feet, launching another across the pond. The last bird dodged her attack and continued to peck as three more birds appeared. Roody could see more reinforcements coming from the hills. She couldn't fight them all. She looked back. The human had managed to push the thyla off of her and grab her sword again. If she finished with the cat, the birds would take her on next. She would be overpowered eventually.

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