Procoptodon Chronicles (Ch 11)

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Procoptodon Chronicles (Ch 11)

Though the human had returned and most of the creatures found themselves back in their normal routines, Roody and Red remained in quiet greif for their friend. Most nights, Red had usually curled up around one of Redwing's legs, his wings sheilding her from the wind and rain. Now the little otter climbed into Roody's pouch for warmth. They were the last two of an odd trio, and they needed each other's friendship now more than ever. After about three days after the incident, the human began making preparations again. Roody didn't bother asking what the plan was. She had seen the survivor clean and pack Redwing's saddle. The human climbed onto White Fang the wolf's back, and set off. Red remained behind this time, to her and Roody's releif. They had finally started feeling like their old selves. The human returned the same day. Tango sqwuaked out her arrival as usual and Roody looked up. A large winged figure flew up high, silhouted by the sun behind it.

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