Roody the Great (Ch 5) (Don't worry! Action is coming. :>)

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Roody the Great (Ch 5) (Don't worry! Action is coming. :>)

After a grand adventure with the human, Roody found herself happy to be back at the base. The little beach had become home to her, and she felt lonely without Redwing's dry sense of humor, or Red the otter's joyful personality, or the dodos endless chatter, or even occassional hisses from the carnivores. The survivor often went on adventures with Redwing, and little by little the beach began to fill up with new faces, including the surprisingly calm Trex, Roxanne. However, one day the base became frenzied. The survivor ran between structure, working at the fabricator or smithy and making weapons. Roody could tell she was preparing for something big.

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