Procoptodon Chronicles (Ch 18) [The End]

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Procoptodon Chronicles (Ch 18) [The End]

Through the crowd of terrorized terror birds and the growing danger of the allos, Roody watched as the survivor and Red flew through the air and just barely landed on the other cliff. She gave a sigh of relief. They would make it home. They would be okay. The survivor, bloody and bruised, pushed herself to her feet and stared sadly at Roody. Red scampered to the edge of the cliff and shouted Roody's name through sobs. With no energy left to run and the assurance that her best friend and her human were safe, Roody closed her eyes and whispered, "Goodbye," as the jaws of an allosaurus snapped shut around her. (All of the characters and events in this story are real and parts of my solo game. However, the ending is fantisized. That's right, Roody is still alive and kicking! Redwing, however, is actually dead (RIP my feathered friend ;-;) Anyways that's it for this story, but I'm already working on the next, this time from Corvi's point of view.~CL1

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