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The Crystal Queen

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The Crystal Queen

Chapter 28

The king had made it back to the rock drake cave, only to see the rock drakes getting attacked by reapers and nameless. “King! Help us fight these beasts!” Said a rock drake. The king glided and crashed into a reapers spine, breaking it and killing the reaper. 5 of the nameless went to attack the king, but he easily killed them. Then the reapers switched their focuse to the king. The other rock drakes landed onto their backs and starting killing it. Then everything was dead. Once everybody had gotten into the cave, the king asked who had sent the nameless and reaper kings. “The dodoreaper sent them. He lives at the bottom of this big cave, where the liquid element flows.” Said a rock drake. “We should travel there and fight them.” Said the king. “Understood.” Said the rock drakes.

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