The Twisted Sands- Chapter 6

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The Twisted Sands- Chapter 6

“We suspect that Haphis’s base is here, in the northern mountains near the trench.” Kalo pointed to a marked dot on his map. “We need to find and capture him.”

“We need faster mounts than Wyverns, thought.” Jenny said.

Two hours later, Kai and the others on Thylas were making their way across the desert. Two guards were with them. They came across a massive skeleton. Inside was another skeleton. A human skeleton.

They stopped short as a whistling sound spun through the air.

“Fresh meat...meat...” rasped a horrible voice. A thin, sunburned man stepped out from behind a rock. He held a shotgun. He wore cloth pants, but that was it. He smiled at them. An evil smile. He shot the guards and dragged their bodies away.

“Let’s. Get. Out.” Slav whispered. They ran away until they had put enough distance between them and the man. The northern mountains came into view ahead.

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