Riddles of the Phoenixes series

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Riddles of the Phoenixes series

The War of the Phoenixes.

Chapter six: A name

Tom sat on his throne thinking. The door opened and a hooded figure came in(No it isn’t the shadowy figure) “Sir.” The person said and kneeled in respect. “I have news that Queen Nora and King William of the dark phoenix kingdom are sending a small army to stop us from taking over the lightning phoenixes. They’re headed there now.” The person said. Tom stroked his throne thoughtfully. “Hmm…good work my spy….MARVELO!!” He bellowed. A moment later, Marvelo appeared, looking annoyed.

He bowed slightly. “You called me…your majesty?” Marvelo asked. “Yes. Take a larger army to the lightning phoenixes. The Dark phoenixes have sent a tiny army to stop us. They will not be expecting your army. Crush them.” Tom instructed. Marvelo grinned darkly. “With pleasure.” The spy watched carefully. “Spy, you will go back to the Dark phoenixes and continue spying. Do not get caught.” Tom said. The spy nodded but Tom could hear him gritting his teeth in frustration. “Remember why you are here boy. You owe me and until this war is over…you will follow me. Do you understand?” Tom asked the spy. “Yes sir. How will you kill the phoenixes? I thought they could resurrect themselves.” The spy asked. Tom chuckled coldly.

“Yes that is true. If you kill a phoenix they will just come back…but if you give them a fast death they will die. For example, Marvelo’s ability is to move things with his mind. He could send a bullet at a speed so fast that if it struck a phoenix…they’d die. He can move objects with his mind. Marvelo, demonstrate. ” Tom instructed. Marvelo nodded, raised his hand, and balled it into a fist. The spy suddenly flew into the air and started choking. Tom stood up from the throne and approached the spy. “I can hear your thoughts. Do not think you can betray me or defeat me. My army is everywhere. They’re all controlled by me, and me alone. You’re nothing without me. NOTHING!” Tom roared.

The spy sputtered, as Marvelo held him in midair, choking him. “My brother thought he was SO powerful. He always paraded around, acting all haughty. He grew cold as he got older. But look where he is now! Living in the land of shadows. Dead! I crushed all that got in my way and if you do…I’ll crush you to. Got it?” Tom asked. They spy nodded. Tom motioned to Marvelo and Marvelo dropped the spy to the floor with a thud. The spy gasped for air, his face purple from lack of oxygen. Tom scowled at him. “Pathetic.” He growled and stomped back to his throne. “Go back to the castle spy. Do your job. Or else…”

Hailey lay in bed, Brutus lying by her feet. It would be time to get up soon, but Hailey felt as if something was wrong. There was someone she was supposed to be. There was something she was supposed to do. What though? Suddenly a face flashed in her vision. A woman with dark red hair and white eyes. The woman cocked her head at Hailey. “Josephina.” She whispered. Hailey blinked and the woman was gone. There was something Hailey was supposed to remember. Something long forgotten… and then she realized it. Something very important to her. Josephina. A name.

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