Riddles of the Phoenixes series

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Riddles of the Phoenixes series

The War of the Phoenixes.

Chapter three: Apologies are hard to come by.

Jay slowly walked into the next room where Jack was. “Jack. We have to go. Jack. Jack! Where are you?” Jay called. “I’m right here.” Jack said quietly. He was sitting on a sofa. Emma and Andrew weren’t there. “Where are Emma and Andrew?” Jay asked, slightly annoyed. “They went to get ready to leave.” Jack said. Jay sighed and then walked over to the couch. “Jack…(Jay set his jaw and inhaled) I’m sorry.” Jay said.

Jack looked up surprised. “What?” He asked. Jay sighed. “I’m sorry. I was just so…so upset about losing…everyone that I got so caught up in grief and…I decided to blame you. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have done that. You’re right, it is my fault. I came up with the plan. I’m sorry. Will you forgive me?” Jay said. Jack studied him and noted Jay’s serious look.

“Yes.” Jack finally said. Jay smiled softly. “Ok. Then let’s do this.” He said. He held out his hand. Jack took it and stood up from the couch. They shook hands. “Come on guys! Hurry up! We’re about to leave!” Andrew called.

Jay and Jack ran outside. A quetzal sat outside with a large building on top of it’s saddle. Paul stood beside it, a wide grin spreading from ear to ear. “Hop on boys and take a seat. It’s gonna be a short flight to Dark phoenix castle.”

A little while later….

A flash filled Emma’s vision. Words echoed from the prophesy in her mind.

“You will find help from one who wants something that is considered wrong.

Play the song she sang long ago and wherever the storm may blow you will find the key to his heart. Only he can defeat the slayer of dreams or else the world will tear apart by its seams.

Two brother will fight, one of dark and one of light.”

A flash filled her vision and a face stared back at her. A face shadowed with pain, a face with eyes black with rage, a face scarred with age. “A terrible price must be payed to those who defy death.” He said, his voice gravely and cold. “A terrible punishment must also be payed to the guilty ones.”

Another flash filled her vision and Tom’s voice echoed through her head. “So we meet again…old friend.”

Emma awoke with a start, her heart beating wildly. They were still in the quetzal building. General Paul was flying it while the rest of them sat inside the building. Emma had dozed off with her head on Andrew’s chest.

She could tell from her husband’s breathing that he was still sleeping. She shuddered at the remembrance of guy from her dream’s face. But was it a dream? She’d been having the same one for several days now.

What did it mean?

Jack sat on a bench in the quetzal building. Benches were locked down in a line. Jay and Sylvia sat on a bench in front of him and everyone else sat behind him. Nora and William were talking in low tones. Andrew looked like he was sleeping and Emma had her head against his chest, her eyes open.

Sylvia and Jay were snuggled up together, the hands intertwined. Jack smirked and rolled his eyes. So Jay had some love life! Jack sighed and Cyra’s face popped up in his mind. Jack shook his head. “Careful Jack.” He muttered to himself. Just then a thud shook the ground. General Paul walked in. “We’re here your majesties.” He said.


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