Riddles of the Phoenixes series

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Riddles of the Phoenixes series

The War of the Phoenixes.

Chapter two: General Paul

“You know it wasn’t his fault and it probably wasn’t yours either. Y’all WERE just thirteen. …..when we first found him he was very shattered. He feels terrible.” Nora said. Jay looked at her with a raised eyebrow.

“You’re just saying that because you want to-” Nora interrupted him with a shake of her head. “His stutter came back.” Nora said simply. Jay blinked. “Really?” He asked. Nora nodded. “Yes. He doesn’t want to fight with you. He just wants his brother and you keep blaming him.” Nora said sternly.

The look on her face reminded Jay of Arianna, his mother. Jay sighed. “Fine. I’ll apologize.” He said. Just then the door opened and a man with dark brown hair, a small stubble beard, babyblue colored eyes, and was wearing white and red metal armor and had a sword in a hilt by his side, walked in. He nodded to Jay and then turned to Nora, with a small bow. “Your majesty, the perimeter is clear.” He said. Nora nodded “Thank you. Jay this is General Paul. General Paul this is Jay.” Nora said.

“Wait..Paul? Aren’t you that guy who was killed by some murderer who is going around killing old peacekeepers? How are you still alive?” Jay asked Paul. The corner of General Paul’s mouth tugged with amusement.

“No I am not that Paul. Well…technically I am but at the same time…no. It’s a long story. Short version, I used to be a peacekeeper but I realized what a terrible job it was so I left, found the dark phoenixes, and after a while became General. When I heard there was someone going around killing former peacekeepers I came to Queen Nora and King William. One of her family members’ abilities was to make illusions so Queen Nora convinced him to make one so that the murderer believed it and ‘killed’ me.” General Paul explained.

“Wait so you’re not actually dead? Do you actually have a family?” Jay asked. Paul shook his head. “Yes I’m alive. Unfortunately I don’t have any family….well besides my best friend Ben. I don’t know where he is anymore though. I think he’s a writer or something. I don’t know.” Paul said, shrugging.

“OK, now that the introductions are over we need to get going and head back to the castle. William is probably worried sick and I have a feeling Cole wants us to leave quickly. Jay, go get your siblings and Andrew. Paul, go prepare our ride. We leave in ten minutes.” Nora instructed. Paul smiled cheerfully at her and gave her a short salute. “On it, your majesty.” He said.

Next chapter coming soon!


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