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Chapter 3- The world now

Goldblaze woke to a frightening thing standing curiously infornt of him. Shadow slept soundly in a different nest.

His feathers rippled with worry as the thing, which looked like a blue and black lizard, but more technological, as disappeared in thin air.

"WHAT!" Goldblaze yelled in shock. Shadow jerked up, eyes wide. "What?!" She asked.

"Something just appeared in here and teleported away!" Goldblaze yelped.

"Oh," Shadow chuckled. "You mean an enforcer? You have a lot to learn to live on Extinction!"

"Huh? Okay. Can you show me around?" Goldblaze looked outside, longing for a climbing opportunity.

"Okay. Let's go," Shadow agreed, flying out. Goldblaze followed.

As they climbed out of the canyon, he saw a whole survivor city. It was filled with bridges and tall structures, all a shiny blue or black. Beyond that, a circle of dunes and dark sandish things let to a cliff into who knows where, and behind him was a few mountains. Next to the cliff was two huge domes; one was a desert and the other was full of snow. A hole stretched into the ground near the mountains full of crystals and trees.

"Woah!" Goldblaze exclaimed.

"Yeah," Shadow said. "This is Extinction."

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