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Chapter 2: Lack of Life

He washed up on a shore, it had a black tint to it. Looking around, he realized he was in a river. There was metal structures above him, and he was in a canyon. There was small shrubs around him. He crawled on the rocks and started climbing.

"Well, helloo?"

That nearly scared him out of his own feathers! He rested on a rock ledge and glanced down. An adult purple and white microraptor awaited.

"Who are you?" He asked.

"I'm Shadow," she replied. "Who are you?"


"Nice to meet you, Goldblaze. Welcome to Extinction."


"We're being ravaged by titans.. Though luckily humans are handling them. Our job is to survive until then." Shadow jumped up and climbed on the rock ledge. She had a strange glint to her eyes.

"You must be from Valgrueo."

"How did you know?" Goldblaze was shocked.

"They usually have sharper claws and better climbing capability."

"Okay? So are we going to build shelter orr.." Goldblaze glanced around.

"Come," Shadow glided off the cliff into a cave. Goldblaze followed.

Inside, the salactites hung from above. "This is your home?" He asked.

"Well, travellers come here too, but for the most part, yes." Shadow answered, gesturing towards the many beds of cotton and fiber.

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