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The Twisted Sands- Not Quite Chapter 1 but this’ll help build the story- By Swamp Guy

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The Twisted Sands- Not Quite Chapter 1 but this’ll help build the story- By Swamp Guy

“Nice work, 89.” “We’ve got the eggs, let’s head out.”

The guy named 89 just shrugged and hopped on his Megalania. They had gotten three fire wyvern eggs, two posion ones, and four lightning ones.

“My jerboa died this time. I’m not going back.”

“Relax, 89. Just stop bringing shoulder pets to the most dangerous place in the desert!”

“That was my best Jerboa. I almost lost him a million times. I’m not going back.”

Kalo slapped 89 in the face. “I’m a higher rank than you, you son of a-“

“Shut. Up.” 89 held up his hand. Let me say a few things.

“No! NO!” Kalo screamed.

“For starters, there’s an Alpha Wyvern behind us.”

Kalo screamed and ran off, leaving his Thyla for dead. 89 calmly assessed the situation. He took out a compound bow for the initial counterattack. Then, he went all in with his Megalania.

“See, Robber?” 89 said to his Megalania. “That’s where you get when you’re just patient.” He snickered. “I also took all the eggs out of Kalo’s bag.”


The next week, 89 had finished his base. No tribes, no friends, just turrets, tames, crops, and cool architecture. He hopped on his Fire Wyvern, Flamethrower. It was time to pay an old friend a visit.

Kalo was hunting Deathworms in the dunes, as he always did. 89 geared up in full desert cloth and rode Flamethrower out to the oasis dunes.

“Who are you?” Kalo asked when 89 landed next to him. Kalo was atop a raptor, and he had a Titanoboa clutched in its claws.

“It’s me.” 89 removed his hat.

“You...” Kalo growled. “You stole my Wyvern eggs.”

89 shrugged. “I’d like to recruit you to my new tribe.”

“Why should-“ Kalo started, but he wasn’t able to finish. A massive hole opened up in the sky from far away, and the two people in the dunes thought they could see something fall out of it.

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