Endgame- Chapter 10

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Endgame- Chapter 10

Arciro snapped awake when he heard the Defense Unit. He grabbed his pike and hopped on his Parasaur. He had dodged danger for two weeks, but he had to start shaping up if he wanted to survive here.

โ€œLetโ€™s go.โ€ He whispered. They snuck out of the coliseum out into the hauntingly beautiful city. The towers stretched far into the air. The wind whistled.

Arciro learned that night never to let your guard down in the city.


โ€œReports say that the Volcano Forces are returning to the Tek cave for the final guardian battle, sir.โ€

โ€œDrat! I have to WIN! I have to ascend!โ€ Haphis looked up. His soldier who had given him the report lay dead, blood seeping from an arrow wound on his neck. Two people walked in with compound bows. One loaded and shot his arrow. Haphis caught it in midair.

The screams of the assassins rang out in the cold night. Far away, at the Tek cave, an epic quest was about to begin.

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