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Endgame- Sneak Peek (Chapter One)- By Swamp Guy

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Endgame- Sneak Peek (Chapter One)- By Swamp Guy

Haphis had been on a rampage. His corrupted mind had made him create a new tribe, tame a heck of a lot of creatures, and kill whoever crossed his path.

The redwood tribe, along with the volcano forces, were camping high up on the volcano after Haphis had destroyed their villages.

“We have to defeat the guardians.” Slav said as he, along with Kai, Jenny, the kapros, and other important officials sat around the glowing, bubbling lava.

“But how?” Kai asked, his voice hoarse. “We don’t even have a Rex anymore!”

Chiron didn’t say anything. Crushjaw had died during the battle of the redwoods. So had most of the other tames. Kai had his argy and a baryonyx. That was it.

“We have to try.” Slav said. “We have to try.”

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