Ultimus: Chapter 14:

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Ultimus: Chapter 14:

Andrew walked quietly through the rows and rows of stacked crates. In some cases, these stacks were taller than he was. Andrew didn’t like how quiet it was, his heart was beating in his head with the adrenaline and fear. A raptor came around the corner in front of Andrew and Andrew jumped, loosing slight grip on his rifle. The looked at him and snarled, it then charged at Andrew. Andrew aimed his rifle and pulled the trigger, only to hear fear filling click. He looked down at his gun and pressed it again to hear the same thing. Andrew looked back up and saw the raptor only a few feet away.

“Oh crap...” Andrew said to himself and threw his rifle at the creature and jumped out of the way as the raptor did a blind lunged at him, missing him entirely and falling on its side.

Andrew panicked and quickly looked around for a hiding space, he found a crevice in between several crates that was large enough for Andrew to go into. Andrew quickly and slid in there but tripped on his own foot in panic. He stumbled and both hit his head against a crate and fell onto his hands and knees. Andrew crawled to the very back of the crevice which was not very deep as he found out. He turned his back to the crates to see where the raptor was.

As he did this, he saw the raptor peer in the crevice, it stared at him with soul piercing eyes. It soon began trying to make it’s way into the crevice with its head, neck and arms fitting inside, but it’s body was too large for to fit through. It snapped at Andrew, it’s face only a more determined snap away from Andrew’s feet and legs. Andrew could only hear the raptor snapping. Andrew tried to scoot further back, but he was already against the back of the crevice. He tried pulling the shotgun off of his back, but he was panicking and wasn’t able to get it off his back unless he scooted forward. But he didn’t want to dare a chance.

The raptor backed out and prepared to for another jump towards Andrew. He closed his eyes, afraid this was the end for him. But he heard a bark and a screech. He opened his eyes to see something surprising.

Reuben gripping the raptor with his teeth by the raptor’s throat. The raptor’s calls was getting more shrill. Reuben jaws snapped shut around the raptors throat, with blood dripping around Reuben’s mouth. The raptor panicked even more knowing what was going to happen. It tried rolling to get Reuben off, bashing Reuben against crates, but Reuben didn’t budge. It didn’t take long after that for the raptor’s life to leave its eyes and drop down and have no more movement.

Once he knew it was gone, Reuben let go of the throat and looked over to Andrew. His tail wagged so hard and his eyes wide with joy. Andrew was surprised to see Reuben outside of the crate. He must’ve pushed the lid off of it to come help him. Andrew didn’t care though, he was so happy to see him. He smiled and tears of joy ran down his face. Andrew scooted forward and took the shotgun off his shoulder and getting up to his knees. He looked up at Reuben who was still looking at Andrew with tail still wagging.

“Come here boy!!” Andrew whispered with a frail joyful voice, Reuben took a step but then stopped for some reason. He quickly looked to his side before getting kicked by a powerful and deadly leg, Reuben’s yipe as it happened made it all the much worse. Andrew tears went from joy to pain as he watched in horror as a raptor emerged into his view. It eyes glowed with an unnatural magenta. It walked out of view as quick as it walked in view. It stopped though, only leaving part of its tail in Andrew’s view. Andrew was frozen, he wasn’t able to believe what happened. His mind wouldn’t let him move, his mind held him captive. He heard Reuben yipe a second time. Hearing Reuben yipe again freed him from his mind and Andrew lost it.

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