Journey: Chapter 9

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Journey: Chapter 9

“WE’RE DEAD!!!!! WE ARE GOING TO DIE AND ITS YOUR FAULT!!!!! WHY DID I HAVE TO RUMMAGE THROUGH YOUR BAG!!!!” Nightfall screamed as Forest was gliding over the jungles of the Island.

Forest was mainly ignoring his temporary companion on his back. Forest looked over the landscape as he flew passed it. It was very different atmosphere from what he knew of, but at the same time it has the same societies. All the creatures have the same way to living, nothing different from Fjordur except for a large number of creatures were missing from here unless they were tamed.

After some time they got to the to the edge of the swamp on the outskirts of the obelisk off of Forests single glide. Nightfall was shaking as he got off Forest’s back, he stumbled off and fell into the mud.

“Why do you drakes have to be such speed demons and not keep it at a steady pace like most flyers!!” Nightfall said as he was trying to get himself off the ground.

Forest laughed at what he said “I was going pretty slow with you on my back.” Forest trying to stop giggling.

“Well you should have been slower. I can’t even feel my legs from the fear.” Nightfall said.

As Forest was going to say a remark, he heard loud buzzing from what sounded like a single creature. Nightfall’s eyes went wide and he began shaking again as the noise got closer. “GET IN THE SWAMP!!! GO!!” Nightfall shrieked as he started to dart into the swamp.

The buzzing sound was getting louder, Forest quickly panicked and ran into the swamp before turning his camouflage on and stood still. A huge insect with massive wings, claws and singer flew over pass looking down into the swamp, almost like it was staring at Forest, it hovered over them for a moment, spinning around for a complete look as it did.

It flew off in the direction towards the obelisk. Forest took a deep breath, he was afraid that it saw him. He quickly looked over at Nightfall who was just getting up from being under water and was shrieking with terror. As he got up, Forest saw why. Three leeches decided to latch on to Nightfall and he was having a panic attack about it. Forest than tried to calm him down.

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