Tales of the Dodo Legion

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Tales of the Dodo Legion

The war begins.

I was thinking of starting from the beginning, of the raids and the Theris and how hard it was to get on our feet, but I wanted to start at the exciting part. We are the Dodo Legion. The fanfictioner tribe on the mobile server Leech. We had lost many tames, notably an allo named Mean Kidd, but we had plenty of tames left. We were allied with the Tribe of Deino on Herbivore island. But disaster struck.

The tribe logs said that one of us killed the Deino’s bronto. We didn’t. I had logged off after being killed by allos in the north, and when I got onto the discord, DTG told me what happened.

The Deinos had broken the alliance. They were now our enemies. Unfortunately, our new saber and allo had been killed by kapros and sarcos on the way back to our base, but we had to raid them. They were enemies now, on our turf.

DTG led a solo raid with our bronto, House Removal. Their base was destroyed, their tames killed. House Removal was sadly killed during the battle, but we drove our enemies off the island, taking their items. But it wasn’t over. Shortly after, they attacked and wiped Lamprey’s base near Far’s Peak, which we had been using as an outpost. They killed our new galli, and me, while I was offline there. The war has begun, and we are planning our next strike!

~Swamp Guy

I hoped you liked this! This is a true story and the events described happened earlier today. I will post new chapters as the war continues!

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