Locked and Loaded- Chapter 4

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Locked and Loaded- Chapter 4

Surge was troubled. The survivor army could show up at any moment, and they weren’t ready to fight back.

“TARGET SPOTTED. GOING IN FOR THE ATTACK.” A voice said. A human on a Tuso struck Surge, and he was knocked out.

“Surge! SURGE!” Tentacle only found a thin trail of blood that didn’t lead anywhere.

“Surge is gone!” Tentacle burst into the factility. She swam into a water tank, and carbonemys janitors pushed her down to the cell where Jana was.

“Did you do it?” She growled at the human.

“Relax, Tentacle.” Grey calmed her down. “She’s not to blame.”

“HUMANS!” A shrill, far away voice panicked. “THEYRE COMING!”

A massive fleet of Megachelons in the back. Tusos, Mosas, basilosaurus, megs up front. The human army had arrived.


Sanguis was shocked to find himself on an island high above an ocean. He’d heard of this place, but he’d never been outside the bog.

A battle raged down in the depths. Blood kept rising to the surface. Delicious blood...


“We can’t hold them off!” Tentacle roared. “Fight till the end!”

The humans retreated.

“What’s happening?!” An X-Dunkleo yelped.

Swarms of eels rose from the deep to annihilate the human army. They didn’t stand a chance against the massive shockwaves that rippled through the deep. Blood spread throughout the water.

And then it stopped, and the war was seemingly won.

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