Locked and Loaded- Chapter 3

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Locked and Loaded- Chapter 3

Tentacle hooked a Eurypterid and brought it in to eat. It spoke. Eurypterids didn’t normally talk.

“Eat me, will you?” It scoffed. “Why, I’ll pinch you once and you’ll be asleep!”

Tentacle shoved it into her mouth. She had been hungry. So...hungry.

The war against the survivors was coming, and it was coming fast. Coming in the form of thousands of armed humans, riding tames, coming down to the depths to fight them. They were far away now, but they would arrive soon.

“We’re all ready to fight, Admiral Tentacle.” Surge said. He swam up to her.

“I just hope we win.” She said sadly. “For my family and my friends.”

Surge sighed. “All of us know how you feel, Tentacle. “We’ve had families too. Many of us have been orphaned by the survivors. Your pain lies with us too.”

Tentacle wanted to hug Surge, but she knew that that would just knock him out. She was ready. The humans would pay for what they had done.


“Hi, little friend.” Jana patted the dodo’s head.

“For your information, I’m not your friend, and my name is Grey. I am little though.”

“Am I responsible for the death of your family too?” Jana rubbed her eyes. All day long the creatures had been treating her like she was the murderer. She had never harmed a single creature, except for bugs. Bugs totally deserved to die.

“No, but your kind killed them. And Tentacle’s family too. I’m surprised at how kind and forgiving she was.”

“I’m so sorry for what my species has done,” Jana said, “but I haven’t harmed a single creature! Except for bugs, of course.”

Grey nodded. “Who wouldn’t want to harm bugs?”

“Are you still mad at me?”

“A little bit, but you seem like a decent person. Maybe I should give you a chance.”

“I’ve never had a conversation with a dodo before.”

“You’d be surprised when you talk to creatures.” Grey smiled. “They have a lot to say.”

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