Locked and Loaded- Chapter 2 By Swamp Guy

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Locked and Loaded- Chapter 2 By Swamp Guy

“Where do you think yer goin’, squiddy?” A grizzly plesiosaur asked Tentacle.

“I’m going to build an army.” Tentacle said with pride.

“Oh yeah? Against who?”

“The survivors.”

The plesiosaur squinted at Tentacle. He thought for a moment.

“I can’t join your army.” He said.

Tentacle sighed. So did Grey, who was riding on Tentacle’s back.

“Because there’s already an army made!”

Tentacle’s face brightened.

“I’m Surge.” Said the Plesi. “What’s yer name?”

“Tentacle.” She said.

“I’m Grey!” The dodo squeaked.

“Okay.” Surge replied. “Let’s take you to our fortress.”


“Let. Us. OUT!” Jana screamed, banging at the bars of the prison.

“No, not right now.” Said the Carbonemys guard. He had the keys in his mouth and he jangled them.

Besides Jana, four other humans were trapped with her in the small, underwater cell.

A voice came closer. A voice of a brutish Plesi named Surge.

“This is where we keep our prisoners.” Surge remarked.

“I see.” The new voice was startling to Jana. It sounded like a tuso.

The tuso’s giant eye peeked through the bars.

“Don’t kill us!” Lirvin yelled. He raised his head high. “If we escape, we’ll murder all of your kind!”

“Is that so...” Surge laughed. He bit Lirvin in half. The next three people met the same fate.

“Do you fear death?” Surge asked Jana, the last living human in the cell.

“No.” She said. “But I’ll work with you.”

“LIAR!” Roared the Plesi.

“No, I think she’s telling the truth.” Said the Tuso. She reached a tentacle in and touched Jana’s hand.

“Welcome to the crew. I’m Tentacle.”

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