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The Swamp- Chapter 12

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The Swamp- Chapter 12

Titan the giga roared with fury. He let out a blast of lightning.

Wait... a blast of lightning??

“What are you doing? Kai found the man and held him at gunpoint.

“We are advancing science! Weaponizing our tames for more power!”

Titan roared and tried to claw out his lightning cannon implant.

“You’re hurting him!” Yelled Kai. He ran back into the battle, fumbling his armor on.

Nox distracted Titan, who shot a furious lightning blast at the cage. It shattered, and Cutter leaped out, attacking the furious giga. The giga stomped on the ground, and bit down hard on something.

It was Roughtooth.

“No!!” Nox yelled, running towards his brother.

It was too late.

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